Drunken Boyfriends

My boyfriend is in no way an alcoholic. But when he drinks, he really goes for it. He doesn’t understand the meaning of just going to the pub ‘for a few’. I’m happy enough with 3, maybe 4 pints and that would get me quite tipsy. But him, a few to him means anywhere between 6 and 11! And then of course, he’s wasted! Now I don’t have a problem with this when we’re on a big night out, but not when we’re just down the pub for a quiet one.

I find myself being really embarrassed by him when he’s that drunk. He gets too loud, has to add a curse word to every sentence and sometimes says things without thinking. He becomes so unattractive! But you know what the funny thing is, my friends find him hilarious. And likewise, when I see their boyfriends in that state, I don’t think to myself, ‘oh look at the state of him, he’s horrible, rude and disgusting’, no, I have a good old laugh at them too! Yet, I know my friends are also embarrassed by their boyfriend’s drunken behaviour.

So why is it we can laugh at others, but can’t accept our own loved one’s drunkenness?!


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