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Window Cleaners

Photo by erix on Flickr

The window cleaners have just been and gone. I had to hide! I always try to hide from them but after last time I really have to hide from them! I was sitting at my window doing my make up, stark naked. What? My bedroom is at the back of the house in a tree lined garden, usually with no intruders! So I was happily beautifying myself when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye. When I realised it was a man, I jumped and screamed. A really really really loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! With my mouth open, towards his face. Then I remembered I was naked and let out the scream again before trying to cover myself with my hands. Luckily, mine are only a handful 😉 The guy was making hand gestures to apologise but I had to let go again to pull the blind shut! As if he hadn’t seen enough! And then I carried on doing my make up. I had to laugh at the situation!

Window cleaners must have a great time! I know they like to have a good nosy into your house too because whilst hiding from them one day, I was able to spy on one of them through a crack in the door. And there he was having a good oul nebby into my ridiculously messy room complete with dirty knickers and bras, as if it was an exhibit at a museum or rather a zoo! Oh the stories they must have to tell!


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