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Valentine’s Day

This year was the first time I’ve actually been in a proper relationship for Valentine’s Day. You would think that would have made me all excited and soppy and girly, but weirdly I wasn’t! And I’m not a Valentine’s hater either! Up until Monday night, I didn’t really care if we celebrated it or not. Perhaps I’d just been so focused on other goings on and stressed out that I hadn’t been in the mood.

On Monday night though, I suddenly felt guilty that I hadn’t put much effort in for Valentine’s Day. I am madly in love with my boyfriend afterall! Plus I’m one of the few lucky girls who actually has a boyfriend who is quite soppy, sentimental and romantic 🙂 He probably would have felt a bit let down. So I got my thinking cap on! I had already got him a couple of presents and was planning to take him out for lunch at the weekend, but I wanted to do something special.

I began with writing his card. I wanted to put in one of those silly Valentine’s verses, but in trying to come up with my own, a poem full of verses came out! I was really impressed with myself! I would write it here, but don’t want to embarrass myself! It described our past year together and was both funny and meaningful. I stayed up to 2am perfecting it. But it was worth the effort and he loved it! I was off on Tuesday, so I spent the day making Valentine’s cookies for him. He loves caramel, so I would have preferred to have made caramel cupcakes, but I didn’t want to make a mess of them when they were for a special occasion! Even though I burnt the cookies, they still went down a treat 🙂

As we were going away at the weekend, we did nothing special on Valentine’s night. We had a chinese, swapped presents, enjoyed some cuddle time and maybe some sexy time 😉 Jack gave me a little charm for my bracelet along with some roses. I especially loved the roses, because I’ve never received flowers before! I had another little treat in store for him, which I was saving for the weekend, but unfortunately we didn’t get the time. He has to wait to our next weekend away now!


This past weekend was lovely 🙂 We travelled down to the coast on Friday, where we were booked in for a massage and overnight stay at a 4* hotel. I had never had a massage before and boy was it good! I wanted it to carry on forever! The girl kept running her hands over my bum and boobs though. I don’t know if she was meant to, but I didn’t mind all the same haha. After a quickie 😉 we headed down to one of the hotel’s bars for food. Apparently, exactly the same food is served in the restaurant, only £5 dearer! The cheek! Not that I’m a fan of fancy restaurants anyway and the ambience in the bar was much nicer! It was an old barn that the hotel has been built around, with a huge open fire in the corner, which made it really cosy. It was quiet and cute and much more romantic! As for the food, well it really was delicious! And I ate every last bite! I haven’t tasted food like that in ages. Mmmm thinking about it now, I really wish I could pop in there for dinner tonight. We will definitely be back!

After dinner, we headed out for a few drinks with Jack’s uncle who lives near by. I get really nervous meeting his family. I’m really shy as it is and then to have the added pressure of hoping his family likes me! But his uncle was really nice and I found it easy to chat away with him. I just hope I didn’t say anything I shouldn’t have! The words just flow when I’ve had a couple! When we got back to our room, I had been hoping for a marathon love session haha. But we were both really tired and fell asleep straight away. We did enjoy some morning sex, but there wasn’t enough time for me to really give Jack his Valentine’s treat! What is it with hotels and their early checkout times?! You should be able to enjoy your room until 2pm!

After checking out, we had a stroll around the town before stopping to eat lunch. We were won over by it’s offer of a cheap lunch and lovely interior. However,  your typical soups and sandwiches weren’t on the menu. It was incredibly fancy despite the low prices and it took me ages to choose something I would actually eat. I opted for a curried chicken wrap in the end whilst Jack managed to get a bowl of chips! But again, the food was delicious! We then attempted to go for dessert in the local ice cream parlour, but like always it was bunged and we didn’t fancy waiting. So instead, we headed home and on the way stopped off at a lovely cafe Jack knew. My belly must have been loving me this weekend, because again the food was amazing! I had banoffee and Jack had chocolate fudge cake. To top it off we enjoyed a hot chocolate with marshmallows and a flake 🙂 And then, we were homeward bound 😦

So that was my weekend of great food and great sex! It was lovely just to be able to spend some quality time with Jack. We never seem to be able to get the time these days. And the next few weeks are going to be even worse. At one point I think we won’t see each other for over a week! It sucks! I can’t wait until we get a place of our own. We might be busy all day, but at least we’ll be coming home to each other at night. We’ve got a couple of years to go yet though. And I know that point will be here sooner than we think!

Right, all this talking about food has made me starving! Time to get the pancakes on the go 😀


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